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    Future of Flash for Animation?

    Daniel_Peterson Level 1

      I'm interested in learning frame by frame animation in Flash, Flash seems like a better program for 2D hand drawn animation than photoshop... BUT I keep reading everywhere that 'Flash is dead' and this has got me questioning what Adobe's plans for the future of Flash are... and whether I should bother spending years learning the software if they end up killing it anyway?

      I know it's an impossible question to answer fully (unless a staff member chimes in!)... but anyone care to share their thoughts on the future for Flash? The other option is photoshop... but that looks quiet limited. It seems strange to me that the advanced frame by frame animation features of flash are not included in Photoshop or After Effects?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Flash Pro is under continued development, and many of the features that have been added will help animators. It won't take you years to learn how to use it.

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            Daniel_Peterson Level 1

            Thanks for the encouraging input!

            I'm hoping it won't take years to learn, that was a slight exaggeration... but from experience after 3+ years of learning the other applications, photoshop, premiere, after effects, illustrator etc... I still feel like I'm only scratching the surface! Haha.

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              rezun8 Level 4

              hey daniel, Ive been using adobe products going on 17 years now and I still feel like Im learning new stuff every week. Once you learn the in and outs of the products they all are relateable, the harder part being learning how to understand AS3 (its daunting IMO from where it first began back when Macromedia had it). Keep pushing, watch tutorials and ask questions.



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                Daniel_Peterson Level 1

                Hey Rezun8, appreciate that encouragement! I will definitely take your advice. Yes it seems almost impossible to master an application unless you focus solely on that application for quiet a considerable amount of time, and then stay on top of it... they are just so deep with so many layers it's easy to feel overwhelmed ... but I am slowly learning just to enjoy the opportunity to learn new things and have fun creating for clients and personal projects...