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    What After Effects is best to purchase for a student with a low income?


      I have the trial of After Effects CC and I really like it however it is about half way through the trial and I would like to purchase this program, or the CS6 version etc, as I really love how 'creative' you can be. However, I lack the funds to purchase the Creative Cloud Membership for even one year and I do not really require use of any of the other programs as I only use, and intend to use Photoshop (which I have already purchased in CS6) and After Effects (which i intend to buy). I bought Photoshop CS6 from office works a couple of years back, feeling that they are a trust worthy source and I know that they are reliable, however I went there recently and now they only stock Creative Cloud Memberships. Is there any where I can purchase After Effects CS6 online etc (student teacher version preferably) or do you have any other suggestions for a student on a low income such as myself?