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    Is it normal for LR CC 2015 to have issues like: scrolling slowly, stutters, menu refreshes, and fuzzy thumbnails...?


      I have a brand new PC (Intel i7 5820K, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, AMD 390x (Also tested with nVidia 970) with dual 4K monitors) and Lightroom just seems to really suck when it comes to performance.  I've used other systems and always blamed a bottleneck of HD speed, video card, CPU, memory, etc... but, it runs so terrible I am finally breaking down to complain online.  I have tried enabling and disabling the GPU hardware in settings and restarting LR which had zero effect.  What I'm seeing is this:


      Start Lightroom -> LR Window frame opens and menus slowly fill in the empty space as if I were still in windows for workgroups (3.1 lol) and I'm out of RAM.  It doesn't take more than 1-2 seconds and the menus are all drawn out and the thumbnail GRID starts to show up -> THEN the fuzzy thumbnails start drawing on the screen.  The whole process of everything getting "drawn" on the screen is about 7-10 seconds at random.  Trying to scroll through some pictures will SOMETIMES trigger an entire screen redraw (menus, grid, fuzzy thumbs, etc.) but mostly it just redraws the thumbnails and the menus stay in tact.  Switching folders will redraw the grid, thumbs, and the developer bar of thumbs at the bottom.  The ones on the bottom show up rather fast, and don't look terrible, but the grid layout can sometimes take upwards of 30 seconds before all the thumbnails are CLEAR and not fuzzy anymore.  Scrolling also has the immediate effect of turning all the thumbnails fuzzy and wait for a "cleanup" to happen, which again, can take upwards of 30 seconds in some cases.  On a GOOD refresh, I'm still talking 10-15 seconds though. 


      So what am I doing wrong?  I've used Google Picasa for YEARS and decided to jump ship and really put my workflow into lightroom.  I see some serious power in lightroom's editing, but photoshop seems SO much more powerful and lightroom's speed is just atrocious.  So why use Lightroom?  Has picasa just spoiled me?  Is this laggy performance normal in Lightroom?  Do other users just have WAY to much patience?  Picasa is free and scrolling in picasa is like the silkiest kind of butter imaginable.  Sure, it doesn't have any real tweaking I'd use for professional use, but for organization and previewing files, it does a fine job (and totally kicks Lightroom's butt!)


      Photoshop has always been a bit clunky too, but I enjoy all the features and have way to much time invested in actions and such to find alternatives when the final image/product comes out great (and I didn't kill a kitten in a fit of rage like when I use Lightroom).  It seems photoshop is quite a bit slower now-a-days too than it used to be in CS3 or so - but why or how does anyone use lightroom IF this is how it works for everyone?


      What can I do to fix this?  Where do I put my money to make this work?  Thanks for reading!  </rant>