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    Fake Auto Updater


      In 21st century there is no application that wouldn't have an auto updating tool; and here comes Adobe, in which the one have to manually download a file, that downloads another bunch of files, ending up blocked by a firewall, just because a file's name is changed every new update.


      Here is my question: Are you going to make [doesn't even have to be auto] updating tool, or is it going to stay like that, driving people out of sanity?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi golde4,


          Flash Player has had auto-update capability for many, many years and has had Background (silent) Update capability since version 11.2 (Windows) and version 11.2 (OS X).  To enable Background (silent) Updates, select "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" option when installing Flash Player and Flash Player will update silently in the background, when available.  Note that several times a year there is what is called a 'loud' update and updates are delivered via notification updates instead of silently. This blog post provides more information: An outline of Flash Runtime installation options


          The only official site to download Flash Player from is from the adobe.com site and Adobe does go after sites that host Flash Player installers, be they malicious or not.  If you have the URL of this fake auto updater please send it to me via private message and I will forward it to the team that handles this.


          Thank you.