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    Reload scripts folder without restarting Photoshop




      Can't find any information about this. I have a symbolic link from the scripts folder to a git repo. I want to reload new scripts that have been pulled into folder without closing Photoshop.


      I have tried app.refresh() and


      function refresh () {

          var desc = new ActionDescriptor();

          desc.putEnumerated(charIDToTypeID("Stte"), charIDToTypeID("Stte"), charIDToTypeID("RdCm"));

          executeAction(charIDToTypeID("Wait"), desc, DialogModes.NO);



      But neither does work.


      Is there a way to do this?



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          DBarranca Level 4


          I'm not sure it can be done (would be interesting, though): as far as I know the /Presets/Scripts folder is checked only when PS boots since its content is used to populate those menus which are controlled by <javascriptresource> tags (Filter, Script > Automate, etc).

          I've never heard about the possibility to refresh them - let's see if others can help.







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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I believe Photoshop scan all script during Photoshop start up build a list of script names for its menu Fils>Scripts>Script Name. That it also registes plug-in scripts and populates its about plug-in and script help info as Photoshop start up. I also link Photoshop Preset\Scripts folder to my photoshop script tree.   So I do not think any new script names can be put into Photoshop menu File>Script>Script Names while Photoshop is UP.   I edit Script in the list and test them all the time when Poptoshop is up and running.  New scripts I develop in my tree to test them while Photoshop is up. I drop them on Photoshop from Windows File explorer.   The next time I start Photoshop the new script I have added into my Photoshop Scripts tree will be in Photoshop's  Script list.    

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              xbytor2 Level 4

              I only add script plugins to the Preset/Scripts folder. Everything else is in it's own CVS managed folder and accessed via an Action in an Action Set. Although not a straightforward process, you can generate an XML file for a folder of scripts, convert the XML file to a .atn file, and load the .atn file into PS.

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                hubbas Level 1

                I guess this is the closest you can get to reload scripts in Photoshop. Thanks!