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    import changes develop settings

    Visnet Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have been using lightroom for several years now and have been using the import function without much issues. I have a Canon D70. Before Lichtroom CC 2015 the devolop settings would only change a bit in contrast and sharpness settings.

      But I notice now that the development setting change with every imported file to automated develop settings. Which is the last thing I want?

      Even when I do a reset of the development settings, it will reset to automatic development settings, so the only way to go around this is resetting every picture by hand?

      I have performed a reset of all import development preferences in the settings window of Lightroom, but still it will just change the development settings still. Attached is a sample of my development settings straight after an import


      I have no clue how this was set, other then by updating to Lightroom CC 2015.

      My main question is how I can get rid of this default, as I will have a photo session soon, where I will have to take several hundreds of pictures and sure do not want to go through all pictures by hand to zero out all settings.



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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you change the Default Develop settings used for rendering Raw images?

          Go to Develop, select a Raw image, select Develop / Set Default Settings ... and click Restore Adobe Default Settings.

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            Visnet Level 1

            I did not change the setting intentionally, but maybe hit a wrong button in the past few weeks? This choice I would never want to make as a default....


            I originally changed the option to defaults in preferences>presets, so i was really having hopes your suggestion would do the magic for me.

            I have reset Develop>Set default settings here - having a dutch interface, so you have to trust me having the right window here:



            And tried importing a new raw file. Sadly it did not work, the develop settings were still changed to their automated settings.


            Will try to set a the default to zeroes, hoping this will stick...



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              Visnet Level 1

              Even by setting the development settings to 0 by hand and using Develop>Set Default Settings>Use current settings will no stick - still importing a raw file will change the delopment settings to automated settings?


              I am sure I am missing something....



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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                LR has system defaults for all RAW images imported. These settings can be changed by the user for specific camera makes, models and even serial numbers of the camera. Resetting these settings to the Adobe Lightroom defaults might not be what you once had them set to, as stated before the User can change that.


                So maybe at one time you made changes and for some reason LR went back to the Defaults?


                Or you have a Preset selected on import of images.

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                  Visnet Level 1

                  I have no preset selected, checked this on the import settings as well in the preferences as in the import window. Also made sure I have no preferences on serial number or ISO:



                  So I would expect Lighroom to change anything except the color tint setting on top of the window (sorry, do not know the English term for it?). Without a preset selected, I would expect no other settings to chnge here?



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                    F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Uncheck the first "Kleurt..."

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                      Visnet Level 1

                      Thanks! That was the setting I was missing! I thought this was only influencing the color tone of the picture, and thought it was on by default for setting the colour tone in the detail section (with sharpening).

                      But it is now clear this is setting the auto develop mode....


                      Pfeeww.. was going crazy here :-)


                      Thanks again!