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    When clicking new star for filter it reverts back to the previous setting and not to the filter ratting you want. Is there anyway around this?

    tobyhawksmoor Level 1

      This is a little hard to explain but after you have clicked the filter to say just show images of 3 stars and below (image 1) if you then say change to a different folder you then loose that filter setting but the stars are still greyed (image 2). If you then say want to filter all images with just one star, when you go to choose that star it reverts back to the the previous star rating you had chosen and not to the 1 star that you wanted so you then loose your 1 star image position in the folder as it tries to find the first 3 star rating (image 3).


      Is there anyway around this or just a bug? It is really really annoying.




      Image 1

      im 1.png


      Image 2

      im 2.png


      Image 3


      im 3.png