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    Render problem. Please help!


      Now I have a huge rendering problem. My render literally just fails with not error message what so ever. Now. Before you start firing shots I need to tell you that I only have 2GB RAM yes it is small but it does not hide the fact of why I can't render out fine because I can render rout other projects that have MORE EFFECTS with no sweat but this one fails. These 3 to be exact. It started on a project I completed a few weeks ago then I moved on since it I thought it must have been only that project that was messed up. Then it happened again when I finished that current project in the next 2 days. I was thinking it may be just them 2. 3rd one must be it. I was wrong. Now I will not edit anything else until i fix this.


      Effects I'm using:



      Twixtor 4.5 pro


      What I have tried:

      Purging every frame by going to the secret tab. Also tried without

      Purging all by going to edit. Also tried without

      Enabling disk cache. 50GB

      Preventing DLL Fragmentation

      Tried disabling layer cache. Tried without

      Unchecking OpenGL renderer

      Making after effects use 1.75GB of ram AND 0.4

      I have tried disabling all effects and rendering it like that.

      I have tried converting all clips to .MOV format.

      I tried copying everything and pasting onto a new time line.


      Computer specs:

      2GB RAM

      2 CPUs

      32 Bit




      I'm using After Effects CS4 by the way.

      Any help please?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are probably simply exhausting all resources - you are using temporal plug-ins and on top of it a GPU accelerated color correction tool, which in effect could mean that for every single visible frame like 10 frames are processed or even more. I'm sure if you simply pre-render stuff and do the color correction separately in a second run it will work better.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            With only 2 GB I would follow Mylenium's advice. Pre-render the first thing you have that is working, add the next effect, pre-render and so on. Twixtor is probably what is causing the most trouble because it uses temporal calculations.

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              Kungji Level 1

              I tries rendering without color correction. Still doesn't work.

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                dissidently Level 2

                Firstly, let me commend you for  your efforts with this rig and software. Well done.


                Next up. Learn what Mylenium and Rick are talking about with regards temporal plugins. It means Twixtor must look at a few prior frames and a few subsequent frames to render the existing frame. To do that, Twixtor attempts to load those frames into RAM and then constantly address them to seek out each and every pixel in them compared to each and every other frame, and make efforts to create the slow motion effect it's so very good at.


                So not only is this one of the most exhaustive plugins on the planet, it's also using up every bit of RAM it can get, and constantly checking and comparing values within that RAM to do its magic. Just doing this for one frame on a RAM challenged system is likely to lead to a crash. And this is probably what you're seeing.


                They are making 3 unique suggestions in their descriptions of how to solve the problem, but they assume much knowledge you probably don't have, nor anyone subsequently wondering about what's going on.


                So let me try to explain.


                1. You must render effects one at a time, to a new sequence of files, and then import that new sequence with the effects applied, and start work on that. You cannot expect a system with only 2GB of RAM to always be successful at doing multiple effects all at once.


                - this means apply ONE effect, hit render, and render out the entire sequence you need. Render it out as uncompressed still image sequences for the most effective workflow that requires the least of your CPU and RAM.


                2. Your colour correction effect uses GPU. It might be failing for that reason, alone. Isolating it and doing it as a single pass render will certainly determine that.


                3. You must optimise your Twixtor settings so that it's only looking at the bare minimum bit depth, frame range and parts of each frame. Mastering Twixtor is an art. It's an incredibly complex plugin that's also incredibly capable. But doing this mastering of its features will ensure that you learn a lot about how frames are processed and perceived by computers when making calculations based on their content. And then you'll find a way to optimise it so that it's doing its best work possible on your system.


                // Note, you're really pushing your machine to do these 3 effects. And for that, again, I commend you. But do realise that pushing things does involve things sometimes not working, and you must isolate and then iterate through to get what you want done. And then you can push things even harder!


                Good luck!!!

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                  Kungji Level 1

                  I tried rendering a image sequence and some frames will not render giving me the error "warning sequence #17 (zero based) failed to render (26 :: 142)*