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    Trouble matching the color of the background of my poster to the color of the background of a graph saved as a PDF




      I produced a graph in matlab with a background color of R = 20, G = 33, and B = 43. I then saved that background as a PDF using export_fig (for some reason this process changed the background color a bit). Now I'm trying to match the background color of my poster to the one of the graph, but since the color changed in the export process, I no longer know the RGB values. I tried using the eyedropper tool on the PDF image, but the software says it bases the color measurement on a low resolution RGB version since it is a PDF, which ends up making the color applied to the background of the poster different from the one of the graph.


      So I essentially need to accurately define the RGB values of the background of my graph.


      Thank you for any help! If there is any confusion, I could email you my graph.