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    Is there a master slide concept?

      My scenario is that I've created a rather long movie with "Chapters", and I have integrated quick-link buttons at the bottom that jump to each chapter. Right now I've copy-pasted them onto all 310 slides of my movie, but because the styling of the buttons may change, I really only want to do this once onto something like a "master slide" and have it apply to every other slide.

      Any ideas on how I can do this with Captivate 2?
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello Riyad Kalla,

          Unfortunately Adobe Captivate 2 does not include a Master Slide concept, this is something that many of us have requested I would strongly recommend that you send this as a feature request using this form

          Whilst this won't work in your situation since you already have a button object on all the slides in your project one way to speed up the process of adding objects to a large number of slides is to do the following

          1. Insert the button on the first slide and position it in the desired location.
          2. Choose Edit > Copy
          3. Switch to the Storyboard view
          4. Select all the slides you want the button to be added to
          5. Choose Edit > Paste

          This will now automatically add copies of the said object in the desired location.

          Note: Adobe Captivate 2 does include the ability to apply property changes to all slides in various dialog boxes using the options available via the Settings button. However it would seem that this does not enable you to replace an existing button image with a new one.


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            Riyad_Kalla Level 1
            Mark that's a very slick trick, I didn't know about that.

            Also another user in one other thread I posted about how to break up a huge movie, pointed me to a method of breaking my movie apart, so each chapter is an individual .CP file (and Published as a .SWF file) and then create a master .CP file, and basically on certain slides, embed the .SWF files for each chapter as animations.

            In our testing, even when rendered at high quality, this helped our playback performance problems drastically and also made maintaining a "master button list" very easy, and I only had to copy and paste it onto 10 slides, instead of 310...

            I don't know if that helps some other folks, and it's not quite the same thing, but maybe an option.

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              Another option - if you want the same details to appear on EVERY slide. Create a slide at the beginning with your preferred format - title bar, brand image etc then in the options tab - (double click object) - select - 'display for rest of project'.

              As this setting is unique to each object you can actually introduce elements of your 'master slide' over time. You just ca't remove them! (i.e what you can't do is then change this mid way through but it is useful where the master is fixed through out)