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    Book Module Photo Limit - Lost Photos in Collection


      I have approximately 300 photos I want in a book.  I put these photos into a collection and started the Book Module.  I chose the Auto Layout > One Photo Per Page option.  I found out that the Blurb has a 240 page limit so my photos ended there in the book.  I figured that would not be a problem since there are many pages that will have multiple photos in the end.


      I started working on the book and saved it.  After a few hours of work I noticed that I no long have access to the 60 photos in the Book Module that they were not part of the original Auto Layout.  They are in the Collection but are not accessible in the Book Module.


      How can I get access to all my photos in the Book Module?  I can start over and not use the Auto Layout feature but that way I lose my work.


      Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.17.59 PM.png

      Note that I have 298 photos in the collection but I only have 236 available in my book.