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    Can I fill a vector created with Adobe Shape?


      Is there any way to use fill on a part of a vector that was created on Adobe Shape? I can import it as a "photo" but I can't fill on that layer.. Any ideas?



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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe Shape is now part of Adobe Capture (Adobe Capture CC on the App Store)


          It seems like you're looking for something akin to a 'mask' shape.  Currently, Adobe Draw doesn't have those, but there are some ways that you can edit to a portion of your your stamped artwork with the tools that are already in Draw.


          Try this:


          1. Using Capture, create a shape (kinda like the way you did in Adobe Shape)
          2. Save that to your CC library
          3. In Adobe Draw, open the shape from your CC library
          4. In this version of Draw, you can use the shape as a stamp
          5. Fill the shape with a color of your choice, then erase the parts that you don't want
          6. You can even use the stamp itself as an eraser!
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