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    Scripting: contracting selection causes selection to be feathered

    jkinsman Level 1

      Running into this really weird scripting behavior in Fireworks.


      Basically I do a select all and then round the selection. This works fine. Then when I try and contract the selection, for some reason the selection becomes feathered.


      I have tried to set feathering to 0 and that still does not work.


      Here is my code:

      fw.getDocumentDOM().selectAdjustPixelSel("smooth", sm);
      fw.getDocumentDOM().selectAdjustPixelSel("contract", 1);


      I then delete the selection. But if I have the smooth method, it always comes out feathered.


      Any idea why this is?


      Also, if anyone knows how to make sure your selection is set to Anti-alias, I would be really grateful if they could show me.