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    How do I fix random flickering in published file?

    BTKaren Level 1

      I'm new to video editing and am using Adobe Premier Elements 13, for the first time, to process web conference videos for our company training.

      I have to download WebEx training recordings, convert them to .mp4 files, and edit them in Premier Elements. Since WebEx files are downloaded in a proprietary .ARF format, I must use WebEx's Network Recording Player tool to export the file as an .mp4 (there are no options to customize the settings of the exported file).

      Here is what the exported .mp4 file properties are:


      video file info.jpg

      So  I've been struggling with trying to get my published Premier file to be free of an obnoxious random flickering/strobing effect (likely due to the low frame rate). I've tried different publishing outputs, I tried rendering the file, and I've tried using the Interpret Footage command. So far nothing has worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am stuck with poor recordings and no other editing software options. 


      Thanks in advance for any help!