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    Uninstall Elements 13 & install on different machine...


      I just built another Win7 machine & want to uninstall Premiere & Photoshop Elements 13 from the old & install them on the new machine. I phoned Adobe to ask the best way to do this & the automated voice said they don’t support Elements over the phone. Does anyone have any ideas or do I have to buy these programs again since they were installed on another system originally?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          INTER MUNDOS


          What was the computer operating system of the old. Apparently, the new is Windows 7 presumed 64 bit.


          Do you have a purchased serial number? Is the new computer Mac?


          If not,


          1. Deactivate the programs from the old computer....in opened project, Help Menu/Sign Out. Close out of there.

          You do not have to uninstall the deactivated programs unless you want to.


          2. Install Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 on the new Windows 7 presumed 64 bit computer.


          Adobe allows you the purchased activated serial number on no more than 2 of your computers. And, then, you are to use one at time according to the Adobe License.


          If you need installation files for the install...you can use Adobe Other Downloads and insert your purchased serial number into them during installation.



          Please consider and let us know if there are any problems in doing the above and give more details.





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                 Well, I didn't know you could have them installed on two machines. I was just making it harder than it needed to be. Thank you yet again for your help. This machine will be faster.