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    Search Limitation ?

      Is there anyone who can suggest me with an alternative code to enable in-swf searches ? I've developed my current code a year ago and although it works, it has a limitation. I've been developing kiosks for national competitions, schools, etc...My current code is fairly simple, mainly using the array method. Limitation I'm currently facing with this code is :-

      The user must include the exact terms (spelling, spacing, etc.) as the search terms in the array. For example, in my array I've included the term "apple". The user must type the exact word as the array, which is "apple", and the rest of the code will do its work and displays the intended content. If the user, types "Apple", it does not match the term in the array and so brings a false boolean value.

      I've solved the problem by adding multiple variations of the same term in an array, like ("apple","Apple","APPLE"....), but the whole process is tedious and time-consuming. I would appriciate suggestions to an alternative in order to improve the code. Thanks.