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    Including DoubleClick's HTML5 Enabler via Edge will result in an error when uploading to DoublClick studio

    kurtd Level 1

      Hello, This is not a question - just a note to fellow devs who are now using Edge to make html5 banners and run into this error at DoubleClick:


      "You uploaded the wrong number of assets with Enabler components for this creative. The creative must have exactly 1 asset(s) with Enabler."


      In making a banner using a polite load strategy I included the DoubleClick HTML5 Enabler via the Scripts panel in Edge Animate.  This was a mistake.  If you do it this way, DoubleClick cannot detect that their Enabler has been included (even though it has).


      This will result in this error mentioned above.

      The solution is to simply include the HTML5 Enabler in the head. 

      <script src="https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/Enabler.js"></script>


      Thankfully Juan, at DoubleClick helped me resolve this and I just wanted to make a note of it in case I'm not the only guy who might want think he's doing a good thing by being tidy. 


      To fully take advantage of their enabler you may want to read this here (they make it painless):


      Add the HTML5 Enabler - DoubleClick Creative Solutions Help


      Anywho, HTML5 polite load strategy works well and is a good solution when you have a client who just has to have a huge banner.  DoubleClick is not charging extra for polite load and is also allowing unlimited file size as is indicated here:  DoubleClick Advertiser Blog: Making it easier to run mobile-friendly HTML5 ads with DoubleClick


      Not that mega banners are wise, but it's good to know.


      Thanks all.