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    Remembering 15 years of working together, should there be access for disabled, or challenged long time members?


      This company not only portrays, life but emulates, and in this writer's opinion, improves it. Yet when 99% of it involves communication of sorts, there seems no way to talk with it like a senior is comfortable with.


      Perhaps, unlike the old days, before merging with Macromedia, and small things and small people were the future, today there isn't time for us. Yes, when you can look at the software and choose between breaking the law, being hungry, or giving up the joy of the art and do without, it surely doesn't put that twinkle in an old man's eye like the first flash segment I designed.


      Does this really emulate the mission we want? It doesn't mine, but I can't undo what a drunken driver did. Forgiving him was easy, but would have been easier had there been a way to not being reminded when I can't have my tools I loved anymore.