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    How to set up Lightroom with multiple computers?



      I have been using lightroom for a while but I never worked out this problem: I have a NAS with all my pictures on it. I have a desktop computer that is synced with the nas (so also has all my pictures). And I have a laptop that I take with me on shoots and vacations for the first editing. How would you recommend to set everything up so I don't have two different lightroom catalogues (laptop and desktop) like right now. I've tried to have the catalogue in my dropbox folder and adding all the pictures that are on the NAS. But that makes everything really slow. How would you do it? Thanks for your help

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom is designed as a single-computer, single-user system.


          The easiest solution is to put the LR catalog on an external drive and move the drive from computer to computer as needed. This is what I would do.


          The next alternative is to use the "export as catalog" and "import from catalog" features.


          Some folks get Dropbox and the like to work OK for them. Others report that Dropbox and the like do not handle well random-access database files.


          If you have the two computers on the same local network, you could just copy the catalog and preview folder from one computer to the other as you transfer the usage of the computers.