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    Saving Linked files on the server

    mlemelin Level 1
      I hope someone can help me.
      We currently have a website that is setup in a certain way for instance we have a file path of townhall/council/Packets/2006 so that any files that we want to post to the internet that are in reference to 2006 are kept in that folder.
      I know have allowed a user to use contribute to post to this are however whenever she posts a new file it automatically goes to townhall/council/documents/filename
      even though she is pointing it to Packets/2006
      how can I fix this issue I dont want all my files being posted to a documents folder with no organization to it.
      thanks in advance for anyone's help
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          I've had similar problems. Have you tried this:

          In the administration for the Role for that user, (Go to Administer, and Click on the role she is in and Edit role settings), then to File Placement, click on All Microsoft and PDF Files (if those are the files that are getting placed in documents), click Edit and then change the folder to the Specific Folder on your website.

          This will apply to all users however who use this role. So you may want to have a specific role for her if you don't already.

          Make sense at all?

          Kelly M.
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            mlemelin Level 1
            thanks that did help sort of
            I have a path
            townhall/council and there I have an index.html file that I apply links to
            the files can either be located townhall/council/Packets
            or Townhall/council/minutes
            when I set the path to the same as draft mode it saves the file in
            and not townhall/council/Packets
            any ideas?