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    Bookmarking ability in Captivate

      I recently published an AICC--compliant course in Captivate. When I test the bookmarking ability (for students to stop in the middle of a course and return where they left off), they is a 3-5 second delay where the first page of course shows, before it goes to the bookmarked page. Also, when we bookmark a quiz page and return to the course it just takes us to the beginning of the course. And, the more we bookmark the course, the slower it is to load when we access it the next time. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Cindy and welcome to our community

          I don't mean to sound cranky here, If you read the forum posting guidelines, you will find that we tend to frown upon repeated postings of the same question in multiple categories. I see you have posted the same question in three different places. I know you are keen to solve your issue, but those of us that are likely to help are already watching all categories.

          The simple fact you have posted in multiple places will actually have an adverse effect on receiving a faster reply. This is because we tend to fix up links so those in the future will have better luck when they search the forums for similar situations. And I recently saw one similar to yours a few days ago, which prompts me to ask if you tried searching or if you just came in and asked the question.

          Forum posting guidelines can be read by clicking here

          Now I'm off to repair open ended links...

          Sincerely... Rick
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Sorry Cindy, I agree with Rick's perspective. I often ignore requests for help when they are double-posted because (among other things), the double or triple post tells me the user is DEMANDING help, and trying to shortcut others in order to "get ahead in line". It's not nice, and that's why it is against the rules of these (and most) forums.

            To the problem itself:
            You are talking about a LMS problem, not a Captivate SWF problem.

            A few suggestions:
            Construct Captivate projects to minimize the need to ever "bookmark". You can do this be creating shorter courses, or creating SWFs with fewer quizzes or scorable content.

            I'm guessing on this, but I suggest that the refusal to allow a student to leave during actual testing is probably intentional on the part of the LMS designers. "Let's see, I don't know the answer to that question, so I'll leave, look it up, and come back tomorrow ..." . The student comes back tomorrow answers a few questions, then says "I don't know the answer to that question, so I'll leave, look it up, and come back tomorrow ..." (again and again). That is just no way to actually find out what your students learned, though it is a method of teaching them how to cheat at tests. It just sounds to me like you want the LMS to break every rule of proper and controlled testing technique. But maybe I'm wrong ...

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              Cindy_St Level 1
              I apologize for not reading the guidelines before posting. I couldn't determine which category my question fit in, so I double-posted. My intention was not to bump anyone. I went and read the guidelines. Apparently you'll need to re-read this bullet in particular:

              "Be nice. Please refrain from posting both inappropriate language and content on Adobe's Online Forums. Personal attacks and insults are never appropriate. "

              I found your reponse to be rude and sarcastic. Very discouraging for a first-time participant. Not very inviting.
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                CatBandit Level 3
                Cindy, I'm usually deemed the rude one, so I will assume you are scolding me, not Rick (the ole' trouble-maker). So ... I apologize. I feel horrible that I hurt you, unintentionally or not. I want to be nice but sometimes the devil damages my "politically correctness circuits" and I just can't stop spitting out the truth - but as I said, my intentions are good, so ... are we still going to the prom together? It would mean so much to me ...

                With that said, there was no personal attack and no insult, either. It is only your perception that I was rude or sarcastic, as I don't read my comments that way at all - but of course, I wouldn't, would I? And my purpose was not to "invite" you but to instruct and help you. If you want honey with sugar on it too, win the lottery , offer to share it, and I'll solve your questions and pat your back simultaneously?

                One thing I have noticed is t hat when people accuse me of not being "nice", they invariably miss the solution I provided in the same post - or at least my attempts to provide a solution. So it wasn't just a rude comment I sent - there was also help in that post. Any chance you read that part?

                I would hypothesize that what you are really mad about is that I questioned your methodology in the testing process. There are a number of books I can recommend that might help you there. Let me know if you would like the titles, authors, and book stores where you can find them.
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                  Cindy_St Level 1
                  I have plenty of books on the subject, but thank you for your very sincere offer.
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                    CatBandit Level 3
                    Sometimes most of us say things we are sorry for later. Well, I don't, but most people do. Still, I found your original post refreshing in its candor but understand why you might have wanted to rewrite it. It is certainly more PC now.

                    My offer was sincere, Cindy. Training and testing processes using today's technology bear little likeness to the "lecture-and-library-style" of yesterday. Building a curriculum for eLearning is nothing like the good ole days ... I am a generation older than you (that should make you feel better) and I still read or listen to new ways to do things in the field of training on a constant basis.

                    Let us know if you have any more questions.
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                      Ali Lister
                      What it must be like to be perfect, Catbandit....

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                        CatBandit Level 3
                        I make fun of myself and often use humor to avoid taking life too seriously. I hope that doesn't trouble you, but if it does, there is nothing I can do to help. There was no ridicule to others intended, only to myself, and that was in fun.

                        If there is a problem beyond the fact that you misunderstood my humor, just let me know off-list and we can discuss it.