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    POP UP WINDOW to carry a poster image

      Hi all,

      i am working on a flash banner ad. and i would like audience to view a poster in a new pop up window when they click specific button, just wonder if the script involved java? my poster format is jpeg. What will be the script for a new pop up window with scroll bar (cos my poster is 800X1200pixel), appreciated anyone would give me some idea. Many thanks.
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            it does require java if you want to do it INSIDE flash. BUT, if you have Dreamweaver you can give the button "behaviors". It's very easy.

            Make the button link to the page that it lives on (it doesn't seem right, but keep reading)
            Hightlight the button and open the behaviors panel from "Windows" or just open it (it's on the rt side)
            click the plus sign - open new window
            you then link to the banner you want to display in the window and select the desired demensions.