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    Delete Account

    babsie46473077 Level 1

      Hi there,
      I want to delete my account on Adobe Creative Cloud and it does not let me do it. I deleted Lightroom already from my laptop and I am not interested in the product at all. I want to delete my account. Who can help me?? the Forum and help tasks are going in  a circle and it does not let me do nothing.

      Thank you


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          RahulTyagi_ Adobe Employee

          Hi babsie46473077


          Do you want to delete your Account? - If Yes, Please Contact Customer Care

          Or Uninstall Creative Cloud from your system? - In that case, Please refer this Link : Uninstall or remove Adobe Creative Cloud apps




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            Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

            I assume that you would completely like to delete the Adobe ID, in case you plan to buy or use any other trial, you can use the Adobe Id made out of your Email.


            If you want to delete your Adobe ID and all services you have attached to it? For instance, you would no longer be able to see your order history on Adobe.com.


            If this is the case, you will need to contact Adobe support as mentioned in the above post.




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              arunap68774420 Level 1

              i want to delete my account

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                muellerj32639973 Level 1

                Adobe Users, Beware !


                it is a scam, it is unsafe. Adobe will just not let you delete your account.


                User Babsi is right ! the account administration menu just keeps you going in circles. Support cannot be contacted - unless you want to get support for a specific product.


                Would I have known this before, I would have never signed up for an Adobe "free trial account" - they just take you hostage and won't let you go !


                I regret it very much now ! BTW, my Adobe account had been hacked.



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                  jeremyjdodd Level 1

                  This is absurd. I've been on hold for "approximately 14 minutes" for over 45 MINUTES! What kind of a company traps its customers and holds them hostage?! This is such CRAP.

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                    juanc49554620 Level 1

                    Any luck?

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                      andrewm72740450 Level 1

                      Btw, it takes  a ridiculous 8-10 days to delete an account. Get with it Adobe! This is the 21st century!

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                        satyams11262061 Level 1

                        Good luck. Someone created this account using my email and I called them and they are so beyond incompetent it's not even funny... The lady would not listen to a damn thing I said I requested a supervisor about 5 times and she refused to give me one. If it's a free account then don't worry about it. But good luck deleting your account.

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                          cheryla7681771 Level 1


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                            jerry mosses Level 1

                            you guys are stupid and reckless I have never seen before, how can't I delete my account, I can't have your stupid around me anymore, btw I just wanted to upload them on icloud.

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                              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                              Hi Jerry,


                              I apologize for the trouble.


                              Are you still facing the issue contacting the support for account deletion?




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                                54650851 Level 1

                                The same happened to me. I used to have a student account until someone got access to it. They changed the data in the account to their own name and credit card (thankfully). Every year (like right now) I still get an e-mail that my payment method is about to expire.


                                I contacted adobe asking to delete the account because it's not just hacked, but I also am no student anymore. They wouldn't even listen. It's in someone else's name now, so I have no say in the matter. So I asked whether they could assure me that since someone overwrote my personal data, my data was irrevocably deleted from their servers and I would never be approached for any abuse of the account or services – no they can't. And that's all the help I got in a long chat with someone who really didn't get the problem here, namely that a former legitimate and paying customer (me!) got screwed over. He basically accused ME of trying to get access to someone else's account.


                                So, people, if your adobe ID account gets hacked, you're screwed. Adobe ID security sucks. YOUR DATA IS NOT SAFE WITH ADOBE.


                                My only consolation is that now adobe gets screwed over by whoever is using my account. Adobe is providing one of the last student accounts with two desktop places (from 2013) for a fraud who probably isn't a student in the first place. Adobe is just as incompetent with regard to their own interests as they are irresponsible with the data of their customers. Way to go!

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                                  corbyn72778177 Level 1

                                  I agree, I don't use any company that doesn't have a delete button. I am glad I cancelled in 1 day just so I don't forget.


                                  Cancelling a free trial is not the same as delete my information off of your server, which is what EVERYONE in this forum wants.


                                  I never liked your company to begin with. Acrobat Reader was fine 15 years ago and never needed a single update. If I was paid by the hour for all the times you updated your crappy software to features I didn't want, I could buy a BItcoin.

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                                    corbyn72778177 Level 1

                                    And your Contact Customer Care doesn't work. I click on it, and never get to talk to anyone.


                                    You should change the name of your support page to 'Knowledge base answers that are useless when we disguise this as support.'

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                                      Mel:-) Level 1

                                      Same problem.  I have 2 accounts - an old unused one from this account with the expired free trial, and a new one which has a paid membership.  The new one started as a student membership, but now that it's expired and I 'graduated' to a non-student address I want to use my normal email address.  I can't change my school email address to the normal email because of the old account. 
                                      Customer support told me I can always start a new plan on my old email account (as if!).
                                      Meanwhile, it appears that the answer from Adobe is to create a new email address just to change my adobe profile to.  You'd think Adobe had this "technology" thing figured out.


                                      All I want to do is merge the accounts, or delete one and update the current one.   SEEMS so simple!

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                                        timw21661335 Level 1

                                        Going through hell being charged for cancelled services. I was told that they cant stop billing me even if my account is deleted. credit card company refunded all the charges and blacked adobe from being able to charge me. Also my card number has been changed, 


                                        Just contact your credit card company.  That's why I use them. Great fraud protection.  

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                                          kellenes22431929 Level 1

                                          I would like to Delete my Account   Wasnt what I was thinking..

                                                                           Thank You

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                                            murrjames Level 1

                                            now you know why ADOBE sucks. Money is all that matters to them....they will get no more of mine and I am now going to share my products wit a lot of people.

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                                              pramodp37529260 Level 1

                                              for deactivate fb 20sec enough

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                                                pramodp37529260 Level 1

                                                How To Delete Adobe account?