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    What pattern to use in a multiplayer game?

      Hi all,
      I've studied all capabilities from FDS but I'm still not sure about what patten to use in a Flex multiplayer game.
      Flex Message Service would not be useful since I need server-side processing. Data Management Service would not too because I'm not interested in registering the game data into a database for further distribution.

      I thought of using RemoteObject. I need the client to inform the Server of it's actions through RemoteObject. But the Java processing class would have to send messages to the other clients, and these messages would have to be read with a Consumer object.

      I don't know if it is possible a Java class running inside FDS send messages to clients through Flex Message Service. If it's possible I'll have no problems. If it's not. How would I do that?

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.