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    Creative Cloud keeps installing LR6


      Hi there,


      I hope someone can help me out.
      Let me explain the situation.


      First I installed a trial of LR6 (I had LR5.7).


      During my 30-day evaluation I decided to buy CC (photography pack) and did so. I de-installed LR6 and installed the Creative Cloud app (Windows 7). Through the app I installed Photoshop CC but when I install Lightroom I get LR6 and not LR CC (2015).


      - I already tried logging out of the CC app to see if there was an update when I logged in but that didn't do the trick.

      - I looked in the menu: Help > Updates (but it's grayed out)

      - I renamed opm.db and reinstalled everything (Cloud app and Lightroom) but that didn't work

      - I contacted support (chat) but they didn't understand me. The kept saying LR 6 IS the latest version but I now I should have 2015 with the dehaze feature.


      I also have a laptop with Windows 8 and installed the Creative cloud app and could successfully install Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC but not the update of LR CC with the dehaze feature.


      So if someone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.