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    Repeating Animation with loop_out("cycle",0) Expression Issue

    perfectblue Level 1

      I am attempting to repeat an animation cycle using loop_out("cycle",0), but I am having some issues. The animation only goes through its initial cycle and then stops.


      The main composition is 20 seconds long.


      For the animation that I want to repeat (‘Press Start’ text blinking) I made one cycle of the animation using opacity as a keyframe.


      Next I made a new composition to enable Time Remapping, and I dragged the original Press Start animation into the new comp. On the time remapping I added an expression loop_out("cycle",0).



      The problem is the Press Start animation only cycles through the first animation cycle, and doesn’t repeat thereafter. I am using AE CC. Using this tutorial for reference http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-loop-an-animation-in-After-Effects-CS5/


      Thanks in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't follow. Your time remapping doesn't have any keyframes other than the two default ones, so it is utterly pointless to even use the expression and the (rather questionable) tutorial doesn't even suggest how you did it. You need to have a second look.



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            perfectblue Level 1

            I am not sure I follow. I am just trying to get a simple animation to repeat, I tried following the tutorial - but the end result didn't work as intended. Based on what I posted, what did I do wrong, and how do I get the "Press Start" animation to continuously cycle through its animation? If the tutorial is no good - I am not opposed to using another method.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you want an animation to loop using time remapping do this:

              1. Create your animated comp with the last state of all elements exactly the same on frame 0 and the last frame
              2. Go to the last frame and move back one frame
              3. Set the comp area to the current time (one frame before the matching frames)
              4. Trim the comp to the work area
              5. Nest the comp in a new comp long enough to see your loop
              6. Enable Time remapping on the nested comp
              7. Use the K key to move to the last keyframe of time remapping
              8. Move the CTI back one frame and set a new keyframe for time remapping
              9. Delete the last keyframe and extend the out point of the layer so you can see the looping animation
              10. Add this expression loopOut();

              You are done.

              The reason you have to move back one frame in step 2 is so that you don't repeat the position or properties in the loop.

              The reason that you have to move back one frame in step 8 and delete the last keyframe in step 9 is that the last keyframe is the end of the layer's time not the last visible frame of the layer. If you don't delete the last keyframe you'll have an empty frame in your loop.


              You don't need any info in the parentheses because cycle all keyframes is the default. You can't see a loop because your work area and your comp are apparently the same length as the comp so there's nothing to see. The expression doesn't make the comp repeat, it loops the layer so you have to extend the out point to see the loop.


              BTW, there's plenty of good info and some better tutorials on looping time remapping in the help files. You can find them by typing time remapping loop in the search help field at the top right corner of AE. I've been using the app since it was invented more than 20 years ago and the Search Help field has been my favorite feature since it was introduced. I use it about once a week to check for new techniques or find things that I have forgotten. It's much more effective than Google.