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    Understanding Camera Calibration Process Version and the Tone Curve




      I am a lightroom beginner so please correct me if i got anything wrong=).


      At the moment I am importing .tiff (hdr) pictures. If I change from process 2010 to process 2012 i have different results in the displayed image (the one from the 2012 process is brighter), although in both cases my tone curve is linear and all other parameters are set to zero.

      I read that in process 2012 the linear curve is equal to the medium contrast curve of process 2010, which makes sense for me because the picutres look quite similar then.


      What I want to make sure is that the data that I am working with are not modified. I mean that if i see the linear curve in the tone curve the origional data should only be compressed by that linear curve.

      Is that the case for process 2010 with the linear tone curve?

      If yes, how can i do this if I am working with process 2012? Is that possible?


      Thanks a lot for your help!