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    Creative Cloud insists my trial has expired - but I have a subscription!


      I'll try make this as concise as possible!


      * I have two machines - an iMac and a MacBook Air

      * I did a fresh install of my Air back in May or and at some point downloaded a trial for Lightroom 5 and used it a bit

      * LR6/CC came out and I decided to plunge for the Photographers pack on my iMac, and everything is fine on there

      * I sign in on the Air and download Lightroom and it puts me in Trial mode

      * The Trial has now expired and it refuses to work. I've followed a link that suggests signing out of the app, the cloud app etc and this does nothing.

      * I've uninstalled 5 (with AppCleaner) and CC (with the Cloud App) and no difference

      * If I click Buy next to the Trial Expired in the Cloud app, it takes me through to the packages page. If I click 'Buy' it tells me I already have this pack.


      Any suggestions as to what else I can try? This is seriously frustrating.