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    Adobe ID; Sign-in problems


      I have been using DE V 2.0.67532 for some time. The email address associated with the account no longer works.Being prompted for my Adobe ID on a newly acquired a new system, I decided to change my email address associated with the product. Adobe's systems required me to reset my password and sent the reset information to the email address which no longer functions. I contacted support and was directed to de-authorise my old system and sign in again. I am now unable to access any of my purchased material. I have created this new Adobe ID in a desperate bid to get some real assistance. I cannot wai 2-3 days for a response from Adobe.

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          I have access to the names of the books in my library and the authorisation information associated with the account.

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            I have since tried the solution in "Mail account associated with Adobe ID account has expired" and have received an incorrect password error response.

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              No solution and still awaiting word from Adobe. Hmmmmmmm.

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                I just spent about 2 hours on Adobe chat. I am unable to obtain any form of verification that my issue was in fact escalated by the last CSR. Apart being asked the same questions over and over and being told on several occasions that I needed to visit the forum for a solution, very little progress was made.


                I am also quite concerned that Adobe staff at this forum could issue the following response to a similar query:  by Rahul (Staff Member) on Feb 6, 2015 12:28 PM (in response to livinthedreamlife) :Hey livinthedreamlife, Unfortunately you can't sign-in it in that case. You need to gain access to your old e-mail account first, in order to verify your Adobe Account. Regards, Rahul


                After repeatedly venting my frustrations, the last CSR offered the following suggestion: "since you are unable to login to Adobe Digital Edition with your old email address, I would request you to contact the ebook reseller to change the email address to the active one so that you will be able to use the software without any issue and you need have to purchase the product again".


                Now my books, 5 in all, were purchased over a period of time and I have no idea at this time who the reseller(s) is/were. I explained this to the CSR and offered to provide proof from files of a previous working installation of ADE, that I was legitimately allowed to access the material. Alas, I am updating this post having not come away with a resolution.


                Surely there must be a way to avoid having to deal with Adobe!!!