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    camera track error in cc2015

    Muhammad Umair Shabbir Level 1


      this is screen shoot after full camera track





      when i apply camera track in my videos it gives me error

      mask of red color in the left upper side in composition pannel

      and it looks that it is not working

      can any body gives me solution

      i am using adobe after effect cc2015

      in my computer

      camera tracking is not working

      why ??????????????

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can't tell anything from that screenshot because it does not include any information and has been scaled down so far that you can't see anything. Some shots will camera track. When you have a problem you can't solve select the layer with the problem and press the u key twice then take a full screen screenshot of the entire project and drag it to the Reply window on this forum to upload it and give us a complete workflow description.