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    Keyword list from Bridge

    Vienna_Sydney Level 1

      Have Bridge and LR (all latest versions) running for a number of years now, where I just added keywords to just a few main categories. As I started to travel around a bit, this list has become lengthy. To make it worse, I have no idea where some of the place listed actually are.


      So, decided to organise the list how I should have done in the first place - Country/Town/Place, etc. To do this, exported Bridge keywords, edited in Notepad, then cleared and re-imported back into Bridge. This worked as expected.


      Now to LR. Synchronising the folders did nothing. Importing keywords did not do the trick, as it just added them to the existing ones. Tried deleting a folder and importing again, this imported the keywords, but again all keywords on a separate line.


      Just to clarify, the keyword list was edited using tabs to separate sub keywords