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    How to animate a bending line with scroll effects in Muse or Edge (inc. pics)

    sambegdouri Level 1

      I am designing a website as part of my dissertation project for Uni (Creative Sound and Media)


      I am flipping between Muse and Animate to try and animate a stroke that I made in illustrator, as for some unknown reason, Adobe thought it wasn't necessary to include a pen tool in Animate or Muse. So I made a stroke vector in illustrator. Because the stroke is bent, animating it using the Clip properties is very difficult.


      I have tried so hard to understand the Java and css elements to do it via the way of code. But after days and hours of trying to understand and implement code to animate the lines, I have not got anywhere. What's more, using code to draw the line in is one thing, to draw it in and out using scrolling animation, which I want, is completely another.


      Below is a screen shot to give you an idea what I am trying to achieve. A DRAFT concept of the final idea that I made in After Effects is found here Parallax Website draft idea on Vimeo.


      Thank you in advance to those who sacrifice their time to help me
      Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 16.45.59.png