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    how to add HTML tags to 'mailto' body

      i'm trying to figure out how to add font color and bold to an email body.

      i have the code working properly to build the email and drop the text in the correct locations. however, when i try to add the html tags to the process, it doesn't work.

      when i use the escape command to URLencode the input, it goes through and you can read the html tags in the email. if i don't escape the text/tags, the mailto command fails completely.

      dual 2.5 g5, 10.4.8, 3gig ram, plenty storage
      flash 8pro. ripping flash8 swf, actionscripting 2.0

      here's my current code:
      emailto = escape("someone1@something.com,someone2@something.com");
      emailsub = escape("REQUEST - order");
      tempemailbody = "<B><FONT COLOR=\"#2B6EB5\">" + header + "</FONT></B>other text = " + somethingelse + "<br>";
      emailbody = escape(tempemailbody);
      emailvar = "mailto:" + emailto + "?subject=" + emailsub + "&body=" + emailbody;
      getURL(emailvar, "_blank");

      please advise.
      thanks in advance

      ps. i tried adding this post twice and it didn't appear in the topic list. sorry if the previous ones eventually go thru