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    Text Variables issue


      Hello everyone.

      Any one notice this issue on Text Variables in !InDesign?

      This is the bug report I sent to Adobe.


      1.  Define a Text Variable, with type Running Header (Paragraph Style).

      2.  Apply the Text Variable.

      3.  Change the variable and zoom in and out to update.


      Result: The text Variable isn't updated, unless you change the screen mode to preview (when you go to normal view it shows the previous state) or use the hand tool to move to the area that of the text variable that is not visible in the moment you use hand tool (when you release the hand tool, it shows the previous state). It only updates if you save and close the document and reopen it.


      Expected Result: The previous versions we have to zoom in and out or use the preview mode to view the change.


      Best regards,

      Manuel Roque