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    3 times Adobe-support fixed my CC. But again: CC does opens (but wrong catalogue, right one missing) and keeps showing "Open LR CC" button


      I hope the title says it all correctly.


      I will have to ask 1-2 houer online assitance for the 4th time ! MADENING.


      They do i right, say that now every thing is right - but problem keeps kreeping back !


      Have You the same symptoms ?


      ( I can logg out of CC -trualy, via "preferences') , back in, start "Lightroom CC" > open (button),

      (not the correct) Cathalogue opens (if I go into its info pannel it says i'm in Lightroom CC) but the Creative Cloud Pannel still shows the "open" buton

      (and no way to find my .lrcat that I (normaly) use with Lightroom CC ( when it becomes avialable after adobe support interventions).


      I wonder if it has to do with my pc ( or Creative Cloud inepsys) confusing with my (legal, own) LR5.7 installation.


      Sorry if it sounds confusing..!