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    Multiple Sites

      I've got several sites created in Dreamweaver that are in various locations on our web server (Win 2003). All works fine managing and editing in dreamweaver.
      I've just set up my first contribute site that has a url http://www.mysite.com/site1 which is the same network path as it's dreamweaver site.
      All looks fine when I first set up the site, but when I make a change to one page in the virtual site and "send for review" or "publish", it updates and copies all the files from http://www.mysite.com into http://www.mysite.com/site1. I end up with over 1000 files in /site1 that are not related to it. In some cases, these are even on a different partition on the web server. All those files get added to the /site1 drafts. You can imagine that crashes most standard desktops rendering Contribute useless for end users.
      Has anyone else encountered this and came up with a cause/solution?
      Thank You!