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    One by one my After Effects plugins stop working, even after reinstall AE

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      This is a strange one.


      I've had several After Effects plugins crash and die in a row, now. It started with one and it starting to look like one by one plugins fail to work in the latest After Effects - even after updating them and reinstalling AE completely.


      What happens is this; a plugin starts giving an error on start-up (or even crashing AE completely). Then I remove it from the panels (or even from the scripts folder completely). The programme runs fine for another day or so with other plugins installed and docked in panels.


      Next day, another plugin stops working throwing up a new error of its own.


      No updates or changes since then, except having used AE for hours.


      The cycle repeats; I remove that plugin, continue to use AE (slowly losing functionality this way) and then the next day some other plugins fails...


      Perhaps there's a third-party culprit somewhere, could it even be Java related? Since there have been a few updates over the past weeks?


      But this is the behaviour I've witnessed so far. It's like a slow, systemic failure and I just don't know how to stop it. Even purchased plugins have become useless to me.


      Is anybody else experiencing similar behaviour? Or someone who has experience?