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    Removing pink/purple color cast?

    southwestform Level 1

      I have some photos with heavy pink and a bit purple color casts and I'm not sure how to get rid of them. I tried reducing the saturation of the reds, purples and magentas though that did not seem to make much of a difference. What other things might I try?



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          Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What type of images (photo scans or camera images)? Please post a screenshot in your reply. Use the WB Temp and Tint first to best adjust the overall image white balance. Next use Split Toning Highlights, Shadows, and Balance adjustments to remove any remaining color cast.

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            I get the color cast in all of my images after import. They are camera images. If I export the images to Photoshop or any where else the cast does not show up. Also, the cast is not displayed in Bridge.I know I can correct for the cast, but it should not do it. I am using a Windows 10 pc. I have been trying to fix it or find a cure for it for about a month.

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              Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is almost always caused by an incompatible monitor profile. This happens quite often after users have upgraded their system to Windows 10, which assigns a new monitor profile to their display. Do use use a monitor calibrator such as a Datacolor Spyder or X-Rite device? Check to see if this is causing your colorcast as outlined here:


              How do I change my monitor profile to check whether it’s corrupted? - The Lightroom Queen


              With a standard gamut display use the sRGB profile as suggested at the above. If using a wide gamut display use the Adobe RGB profile.

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                Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                When Lightroom and Photoshop display different colors, it's usually caused by a defective monitor profile.

                As troubleshooting and as a possible temporary fix, try setting the monitor profile to sRGB.

                Press the Windows key + R, and type colorcpl in the box and press Enter.

                Then follow the directions in the screenshot below. Be sure to check Use my settings for this device.

                If this fixes the problem, you should ideally calibrate your monitor with a hardware calibrator.



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