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    Need Help!! Update Fail, New to Forum!


      I am new to this forum, so I hope I can relocate my topic and find my way around lol!
      I need to do a photoshop CC update on creative cloud. When i hit the update button.. it says update fail and opens a window when i click "learn more" it just says it failed and to retry.. i've retried numerous times obviously before seeking help. I went to adobe for troubleshooting but it just takes me in circles, the only information I get from adobe is to click on the "get help" link on the window that opens when i click "learn more" .. but clicking "get help" brings me right back to the beginning on adobe to troubleshoot.. so, I go in circles.


      How do I get it to install the update??? I have photos i need to work on and photoshop has completely vanished from my start app page (windows 8.1) and from my desktop view!


      thanks in advance!
      Natasha M