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    PE12 and PE13 Audio Transition Problems

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      Why does the audio transition always go to the left clip?  Yes, I have two adequately trimmed clips.  I thought PE13 would fix this but no.


      The left/center/right options are grayed out and nothing can be selected... another deficiency.


      Is there a patch of fix for this.  It's very annoying to have to center each transition after PE always puts it on the left clip.


      PE7 worked great, just drag and drop the transition between clips and it was done, and I didn't have to mess with a window in between.

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          What computer operating system are you using for Premiere Elements 12 and 13. Where you using these as the 12.1 and 13.1 Updates? Nonetheless....


          Have you read my extensive look at the Audio Transition Problem in Premiere Element 11?

          Re: Premiere Elements 11:  Audio Transition Problem - Can't Center Between Two Clips?


          From what you wrote and what I have observed, the situation appears to exist in 12.1 and 13.1.


          Any questions or need clarification on my posts and those of others in the above link, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.




          Add On...Very detailed account of Audio Transitions problem in 11 (applies to 12.1 and 13.1 also) can be found

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11: Audio Transitions Problem

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            W7 now W10.


            The best advice is to use the "X" close button instead of the "Done"

            button.  Then it stays centered, and the "Transitions Adjustments" frame

            just becomes a time consuming nuisance.


            What is absolutely inconceivable to me is that Adobe didn't fix this when

            it was first identified and then hasn't fixed it over several "improved"



            Frankly I haven't seen any improvements in 13 over 12, but then I've only

            used it for a few days so maybe I haven't unearthed the prizes in the box



            Any idea when PE will come out with a morphing transition?






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              Thanks for the follow up.


              As you have seen, this audio transition issue has targeted more than just the current version. For the fix to have escaped at least 2 versions seems to suggest that Adobe is not aware of this issue or that it is not a topic priority matter. I am not affiliated with Adobe in anyway, nor do I have insider information on its plans for new version and its features. If history repeats itself, Adobe should be releasing a new version in September/October 2015. We will be watching to see what new features and what features have been retained (working and not working).


              The frequency of the appearance of Adobe in this forum is undefined. But, when Adobe does enter a thread here, it has given valuable insights into Premiere Elements issues that defy resolution on a user basis. It will be interesting to learn what the explanation is for the audio transition matter....intended function or glitch.


              Best wishes



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                Thanks.  I have found their official bug and upgrade request form and

                submitted it.  I have no idea if the form is just a placating tactic or if

                anything will ever come of it.  I guess I'll have to wait for PE14 to find







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                  It's a placating tactic! I've lost count of the number of times I've submitted bug reports for the most elementary of functions, only for nothing to happen. They seem far more interested in adding new tricks and wow features than sorting out the basics which are used routinely.


                  I've seen little improvement since PRE 10, which is the version I keep going back to. This audio transition issue is a real pain.

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                    Adobe is schedule to release a new version (assumed named Premiere Elements 14) soon. If history repeats itself, the release is expected September October 2015. Last year the new release date was September 23 or 24, 2014.


                    I have no insider information concerning new features, fixed features, discontinued features for 14, so I wait until the moment of release of 14 to find out what the new version is offering. I will post that information as soon as possible after the release of 14.



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                      It seems that Adobe keeps on using the same tactic over and over, add a few new functions nobody asks for, charge the full amount even to people who just bought the old version. But bugs are not beeing fixed.

                      I've seen that with versions 4, 7 and now 13. Quality control doesn't seem important to Adobe. It's a shame because apart from thes bugs it's a nice and user friendly product to use. I prefer it over Powerdirector which I find to be very anoying with it's "there is a new version!" pop-ups.

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                        Caution PE13!  It connot capture from a digital video stream like PE12

                        could.  So not only do they add a few useless features but they remove some

                        useful ones.

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                          Thanks for your replies.


                          Premiere Elements 12/12.1 is the last version to offer DV and HDV capture firewire into a Premiere Elements Capture Window.

                          Did you see the Adobe document with suggested workarounds on this when 13 was released?


                          If you are using a Windows computer, there is always WinDV and HDVSplit to export for the firewire capture and then take the captures into the Premiere Elements projects with the program's Add Media/Files and Folders.


                          Since you posted in this thread of another on Audio Transition problem in 12 and 13, I am assuming that you are posting on that here also.

                          I haven't had a chance to look at this in 14. I will try to do that sometime today and report back to confirm if it still exists. Are you working with 14 now?


                          If you have been there, gone through all that, and are posting just to make your opinions known, then no need for me to offer any suggestions.

                          But, if and when you do help with your Premiere Elements workflows on a user to user basis, this user is offering you assistance.


                          Best wishes




                          Add On...I am not affiliated with Adobe in anyway - just a user of the programs with a lot of hands on experience with the versions.