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    InDesign CC ePub export results in white box around circles!


      Fellow publishing friends and InDesign and ePub experts... I am having an issue with exporting a InDesign file into ePub format and the circles end up with a white box around them. Major issue... I have tried clipping paths, rasterizing container... and a variety of other options, some circles are fine, others are not - which make it really maddening as I can't find any differences. Any insights? I have a 350 page book that I need to export to ePub and this is a huge hurdle! The correct rendering in PDF from InDesign with the circle cropped - the other is a ePub export from InDesign with a white box that appears around the circle blocking out the elements behind it... I am using the newest CC 2014 Version Build. HELP! I can't find anything useful online in help documents either...  whiteboxissue.jpg