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    Previews won't refresh in Lightroom CC after saving file in Photoshop


      The description says it all. I choose to edit a file in Photoshop CC from within Lightroom CC (I'm on the current Mac/OS X versions of both). I edit the file and save it as PSD, and it shows up in Lightroom just fine.


      But if I edit that PSD again by selecting the "Edit original"option in Lightroom, edit the file in PS and save it again, the preview in Lightroom DOES NOT UPDATE! Zooming, browsing to other images, etc. does not fix the problem. I must quit Lightroom and re-start in order to see the updated preview. Obviously, re-generating the previews will also fix the issue, but neither is acceptable in a production environment.


      NOTE: I've duplicated this across multiple OS X systems. Removing and re-installing both apps DOES NOT HELP. Neither does deleting the plists.


      This issue has been known for a while. Can we get a response on this PLEASE? Now that Adobe has moved to a subscription based pricing model, I expect massive productivity issues like this to be addressed quickly.


      Anxiously awaiting an OFFICIAL response...