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    Unable to use Lightroom Develop Mode


      On Friday evening, when I went to edit some photos in Lightroom I began getting an error stating that Lightroom will open in a limited compacity and the develop module was unusable.  There, it stated that I needed to purchase a license or subscription.  I have been chatting with customer service for several hours to no avail (When the load the screen share program, do some things, and then ask me to restart my computer, my computer gets "stuck" on updating windows configuration leading me to do a hard restart and thus loosing whatever connection that was supposed to be there after restart).  Today I realized that on my work computer, I updated to windows 10 and the Adobe Creative Cloud upated as well.  Not sure if being logged into that computer as well is affecting this computer or log on or not, so I asked someone from the office to uninstall Photoshop and Lightroom via the CC cloud app, and I am also uninstalling and reinstalling on this computer as well.  I have run out of patience and options!!  Does anyone else have any other suggestion?? For staff interesting in seeing case #'s the ones i have are:





      any suggestions or others that have had the same issue, and have fixed the issue are greatly appreciated!!  My laptop is running Win 7 and I have a current CC Membership