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    Lightroom 6 Issue with (Not Responding)

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      My Lightroom 6 is not working correctly. I have work I need to get done.  Here is what is happening I open lightroom 6 go to an images  I want to edit and do my editing sometimes it stops responding ! Then when I export a photo or photos it will stop responding. Also when I come back to export more photos or click on anything in lightroom it stops responding and freezes up any Ideas?   I really need help. Here are my SPECS




      Windows 7

      16 GB RAM

      64 Bit Based

      intel core i7 processor


      Really need some help I need to get my work done



      Dillon Hardinger

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          Do you get any error message? If so post a screen capture or indicate exactly what the error message states.


          Have you tied turning off the Graphics Processor in Lightroom Preferences. See the screen capture.

          Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 7.31.05 PM.png

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            KR Seals Level 3

            There are many posts on this forum about LR 6/CC crashes on this forum. Nearly all of them seem to be due to low end AMD video cards.

            Today for the first time I had the same experience with LR CC 2015 "not responding" I had just installed Win 10 on a minimally spec'ed laptop with AMD 7000 video card. Once I installed LR CC 2015, I immediately checked the Preferences->Performance tab. It showed the GPU was enabled and passed the test.

            However, as soon as I tried to develop some newly imported images in a brand new catalog, LR became "non responsive".

            Based on all the helpful posts here, I immediately restarted LR, unchecked GPU and all was fine.

            My two high end machines use much higher performance video cards, so this was my first experience with the freeze up problem.


            Hopefully this will help.