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    How do I recover lightroom after a crash? vista crashed but left photos intact on another HD, in Old windoew I found Lightroom 3 Catalog. lrcat.  DO i put a clean install of LR on the new C drive and then copy lrcat into that install ?


      Vista crashed on C drive, electronic negatives intact on D drive.  Vista would not recover.

      Tried loading win7 32 bit on C  drive but had trouble addressing new ram cards.  Added SSHD as new C; and installed win7 64 with no problems see all ram, but old drives are now D: and E:  Afraid I m ay affect how Adobe lrcat sees photos.  New install of win 7 put all old software in D: drive in "old windows" directory including lract (127k long), lr previews ( 46k + 15K), and lrcat.locked (1k).  I assume they are all intact.

      Will the install of LR be different under 64 bit than 32 bit? Will the moved DB files still point to the electronic negatives or did windows, by moving them to "old windows" directory ruin the way the lrcat finds ( direct or indirect addresses) the negatives?

      A) It looks like I should install a clean copy of LR ver3 on the new C drive and then grab a copy of LR cat and lr preview and stick them in with LR.  Then upgrade to LR5 or 6 another day.  Then erase the old windows directory.

      b) Alternatively I can install LR 5 or 6 and make a copy of the 3 folders in the new C drive under LR and after I activate LR have it import the new DB  as its own (how?).