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    All of the sudden, Lightroom color is off


      This is similar to the "purple" haze issue someone else posted, but not exactly.


      I am running Lightroom 5.6.  Everything has been working fine right up until yesterday.  The only thing that changed yesterday was I installed Windows 10 (was on 7).  My (temperature) is off quite a bit, or white balance I guess? I remembered thinking while working on some raw pictures that “These appear warmer SOC than usual? Hmm” Then when clicking on a black and white preset, it became super obvious something was off, it was an almost pure sepia tone. For comparison purposes, when I have the temp set to 5214 in LR5 and export, the actual temp comes out the equivalent of 4619 or so (once I adjust it back to make it match the exported file).  I confirmed this by editing a picture to my liking and then exporting it (RAW to jpeg sRBG).  Then after exporting, the actual image is much cooler than it looks in Lightroom, by about 600K.  My own custom black and white preset (which is true black and white) looks sepia toned.


      So, that makes me think it isn't a monitor calibration issue, if the exact same image looks completely different in LR than it does just on the standard windows picture viewer.


      I'm really stumped here.  Any help is greatly appreciated.