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    What is  the name of Robohelp's content frame?

      A web browser's Print command provides unpredicatable results for users for Robohelp documentation.
      1) You can add a print command to any frame by inserting the following javascript command in the hyperlink "Link to:" field for the print graphic or text command that you insert :
      javascript: window.print()
      However, for consistency in your documentation, this needs to be inserted on every page, or in the header or footer used on every page in your manual.
      2) A better solution would be to add a print icon and label to the toolbar. (The javacript above enables you to print the content of the frame in which it is located - the toolbar; this is not useful.) You need to use your skin editor to add a custom item to the main toobar. In the Action window, select Javascript, and OnClick. Then insert the following javascript command:

      All you (and I, unfortunately) need to know is the name of Robohelp's content frame to make this work. Does anyone know the name of the content frame in Robhelp's standard three window frame set?