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    New file from Bootstrap template can't find css


      I am playing around with Bootstrap in the new Dreamweaver CC 2015 release.


      I created a new site for testing, and then "file / new", select "started templates / Bootstrap Templates / "Bootstrap-Agency". I get a "Save As" dialog for "Agency.css", and simply click "save".  (It is pointing to the site root.)  I then get the initial HTML document (with tab for "bootstrap.css", "Agency.css", "jquery.js", and "bootstrap.js") and another "Save As" dialog for the HTML file.  (Again, it's pointing to the site root.)  After clicking "save", I get the "copy dependent files" dialog, listing all of the css/img/js/etc files.  One of the listed files is "Agency.css".


      Upon clicking "Copy", I get an error that "The File c:\[path to my site root]\Agency.css" does not exist so it can not be copied."


      I tried several other templates, and they all give the same error.


      Am I missing something?