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    Help! Imported ProRes files are showing as a flat green colour?! -  Mac OS X 10.9.5, AE CC 2014.2


      Hey Folks,


      I've got a really bizarre thing happening when import ProRes 422 footage. It shows in the thumbnail/comp as a flat green colour (audio is fine) and with noise in the top half when playing back in the comp, also footage shows as noise when i switch to 16 or 32bit depth.


      Footage plays fine in QuickTime X, and Resolve 11. Although in QuickTime 7 the same file is just a black screen (audio is fine)


      I can EXPORT ProRes files perfectly fine in AE, its just Importing/READ is completely broken inside AE for some reason.

      Filenames are sensitive so i've blanked them out in the screenshot.


      Has anyone had the same issue? I'm at a dead end and now I'm guessing a clean wipe and re-install is in order of my machine?