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    How to change adobe ID


      I bought my daughter an e-reader and when setting it up tried to set her up with an adobe ID. However at the end of the process she was not granted an I as she was under 13. I then generated an adobe ID for myself and went on to download the adobe digital editions. However I was unable to down load books from the library and it seems that the computer needs to be reauthorised, to do this the current authorisation needs to be erazed. But I cannot do this as my daughters email pops up in the prompt box and I am unable to change this. I there a way I can merge adobe ID's or erase hers (as she was not even given one in the first place!) so that my ID can erase the authorisation? I ahve already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the programme. I also contacted ADOBE 24hr support, who weer unable to help.(!?)

      thanks in advance